Health Information Technology

Securing Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings (GEB) through Cyber Defense and Resilient System (CYDRES)

The current generation of Building Automation System (BAS) is designed and operated with little consideration of security of their cyber and physical components. This situation leaves building systems, especially the emerging Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings (GEBs), vulnerable to cyber-attacks that may have adverse or even severe consequences including occupant discomfort, energy wastage, equipment downtime and disruption…

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Collaborative Research: AccelNet: An International Network of Networks for Well-being in Built Environments (IN2WIBE)

Our proposed AccelNet at Full-Scale Implementation level will facilitate collaborative research, education, and outreach through an International Network of Networks for Well-being In the Built Environment (IN2WIBE). At the core of IN2WIBE is the shared understanding that well-being is strongly dependent on the links between the built environment and the personal, cultural, economic, and social forces that drive health, productivity,…

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